Was Moon Landing Fake?

Apr 16, 2023
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A lot of people believe that Moon Landing was faked. If you go to youtube you will find a lot of content that kind of make you believe that Moon Landing was faked. The proof they give seems to be very plausible and also convincing. If you listen to the industry experts they say that back then faking moon landing would have cost more than actually going to the moon.
This has been one conspiracy theory going on for quite long. I would agree that faking a moon landing in that age would have a lot of cost. We did not have advancements in technology like we have these days where fake videos can be made so easily.
It was a great achievement for the Science fraternity across the globe. And one should feel proud of that. Such conspiracy theories loom around to get the unnecessary attention. Unfortunately, it maligns the great effort of all the scientists.
I'd like to think it was real, but in fact, I doubt it, one of the main things that makes me doubt is that Kubrick, the famous film director, was seriously involved in the moon landing, that gives you food for thought.