Euthanasia: The right to choose not to live.

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Every human has the right to life as a basic right. For some people though, they are going through some conditions that they sincerely prefer to die. And they elect to die.

Do you think that government should legalize elective death? Do humans have the right to choose to die?
In principle, I think so. I do however have two reservations: one practical (and in some extent avoidable) and one more general reservation that is more difficult to solve.

  1. Many doctors do not want to be the one to "pull the trigger". Could be avoided as an issue by letting them opt in and out of doing it.
  2. I fear that some, especially the elderly, will feel a "responsibility" of sorts to die. Seeing their loved ones spending time, energy and perhaps money on the old person's mission to cling to life might lead to guilt, which in turn might make some people request euthanasia even though they in reality would like to live.
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