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Site Updated to 2.2.13


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Feb 24, 2023

Full iOS PWA compatibility with push notification support​

iOS 16.4 finally introduced push notifications for iOS devices. To facilitate this, your members need to install your site as a PWA (by utilising the Add to Home Screen feature in Safari). XenForo 2.2.13 now satisfies all of the prerequisites for this to support push notifications which can be enabled by your members once they log in through the PWA and enable push notifications in their Preferences.

The PWA (progressive web app) has now been enhanced with additional gesture based or UI controls, including pull down to refresh and a floating back button.

Structured data metadata improvements​

With many thanks to Ryan Levering from Google we have made a number of improvements to structured data metadata. Structured data enriches the pages we output with additional information which enables Google and other search engines to better understand the structure of the information that is rendered. This helps Google provide rich search results and helps provide additional context to users who may find your content during their Google searches.

Support for OAuth authentication for Microsoft 365 business email accounts​

Microsoft has deprecated the ability to send emails over SMTP using traditional username/password authentication. This is similar to what Google did a while ago. In light of this we have now added an additional option when setting up either your email transport or automated mail handlers (automated unsubscribe/bounce handling) which will enable you to authenticate with OAuth.

Note: The set up for this is fairly complex, requiring you to set up an Azure Active Directory application within the Azure developer portal. There is a link to the documentation when setting this up.
There are a whole list of changes done. And a whole list of templates that have changes/updated.

Find anything wrong, please post: https://debatehq.net/forums/site-feedback.6/
So ran into a issue and had to do a lot of uninstalling of mods to find it. Landed up being an issue with the badges. So I have started to put mods back in and started to work on themes. I am looking to do a temp theme for now. I have a new feature coming to Debate HQ soon. With that we will intro a new theme too. No release date yet for these things.
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