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Those who believe COVID is a conspiracy.

I can appreciate that the journey of self extrication from the indoctrination cage may be quite challenging for most of us.

However to persist hiding from the facts will not change the inevitable.

Sooner or later ya'll will be faced with reality.

All of us have been lied to by our so-called "health professionals/experts".

We have been lied to by our supposed "leaders".

Yeah I refuse point blank to get those shots!! Nevr will. I'll take my chances and that's my choice!
Bloody good on you mate!
I genuinely do respect that.

Early last year, around Feb-March, a friend/business acquaintance called me up out of the blue to postpone a meeting scheduled for the following day. Her reason-in her words-was that she was a little bit crook and had gotten an R.A.Test done the day before—which apparently indicated she was covaids positive—& of course she then believed she had the covaids....

...😂I definitely didn't believe she had the covaids, because I already know the truth about "viruses" and imo the whole covidian thing was full blown absurdity.

So... I agreed with my friend that she should certainly take time off work while recovering from the natural *detoxification process* she was experiencing, and we arranged to briefly meet at her place the following day.

The next day on the way into town I picked up some fresh kiwifruit, oranges, lemons & a bunch of garlic then met up at hers....😄...at first she was freaking out about spreading the supposed covaids to me, however we ended up chillin' inside and chattin' for a good couple of hours.
The majority of that was with us barely being a meter apart and the entire time I was breathing the same air she was.

😅Guess how sick I was the next day....

...lol...🤣 I wasn't sick at all....and still have not been sick since either....infact I literally haven't been sick even once for almost 6 years now.
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