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Driving in the Left or Right Side of Road

This depends mostly with the country that you are in. I always prefer the right hand driving and I'm just too perfect with it now
Some people are more familiar with the left side. Others are more familiar with the right side. Laws could be against this but it takes a while to be familiar with the side that laws impose. It could not be in a short time frame.
I have done both. I learnt driving in India and drove here for few years. Then we moved and lived outside India for almost 14 years. I drove in the US for almost ten years. I was quick to adjust to it and also to the auto gear shift. For me, honestly, it did not make any difference. It was a bit odd to start with but soon I got adjusted to it.
I have lived in England, UK all my life so I have always driven or been in a car that has been driven on the left side of the road.

If I needed to I could more than likely drive on the right side of the road but being that I am used to the left, that is the one I would feel more comfortable doing.
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