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  1. Aragon Burner

    Do you people still discipline your children by rods?

    Exactly... The kid would call the cops and the parents would get arrested for assault on a minor.
  2. Aragon Burner

    Should the voting age be lowered?

    18 is just the right age for me. Any younger and you are asking immature minds to make decisions they cannot comprehend the consequences of.
  3. Aragon Burner

    Does the death penalty serve as an efficient deterrent to criminal behaviour?

    I'm completely anti death penalty. I do not think it serves as a deterrent. I would focus more on rehabilitation. Not saying release back into society, but enough to not be a threat inside prisons.
  4. Aragon Burner

    What are your thoughts on cryptocurrency?

    I buy a few crypto currencies. Mostly Bitcoin. I invest maybe $20 every few weeks. It seems to be working for me so far :)
  5. Aragon Burner

    Do you feel private or public schools are better?

    Private schools will always afford a better standard of education for it's students. Public schools just don't get the proper resources to teach effectively
  6. Aragon Burner

    Do you believe that using EV could solve the environmental problem?

    EV's are just a way to say we are being environmentally conscious which is just pullling the wool over your eyes. The cost of mining the minerals needed to make these EV batteries and the impact associated just blows the theory out the water. It's like wind turbines. They actually leak mass...
  7. Aragon Burner

    Are people too addicted to cell phones?

    I hardly use mine at all. Mostly gets used for checking FB or posting updates for the radio station i run.
  8. Aragon Burner

    Should parents be able to choose the sex of their child?

    Only one person has the ability to choose the gender of a child and that's he who created them. That being God. Same reason as i dont believe in abortion. But i'm riddled by a Catholic upbringing that I'm still trying to shake.. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  9. Aragon Burner

    Do you believe aliens exist?

    I'm sure there are other life forms out there, but they are likely either behind us technologically or so advanced that we would be just like ants to them.
  10. Aragon Burner

    Should trans women be allowed to compete in female sports?

    Absolutely agree. The sport is not fair with trans women competing with biological females. Its a no contest.
  11. Aragon Burner

    Donald Trump Wins Iowa Caucuses

    Yeah the Dems pretty much know there time is up now. Biden screwed things uop so bad he has to go down as one of the most incompetent presidents ever
  12. Aragon Burner

    Have You Ever Protested?

    That horrible man. Yeah i can't imagine feeling like i had to protest against something at the risk of my life
  13. Aragon Burner

    Is train travel the way to go?

    In California they have been building a high speed rail network for years but the project was shelved after years ofd corruption and budget over runs.
  14. Aragon Burner

    Have You Ever Protested?

    where was this at?
  15. Aragon Burner

    Should animals be in zoos?

    True Demon, I think that they regulations for Zoo's should change so that the animals get more open space. But I guess thats what Safari parks are for.
  16. Aragon Burner

    Are government assistance takers lazy and/or corrupt?

    Yeah i mean if they have serious disabilities then thats what the system is there for. To protect people like that. But the system will collapse because you have probably 50% of those on government assistance with absolutely nothing wrong with them other than a negative disposition to hard work.
  17. Aragon Burner

    Passive Aggressive People

    lol ya i agree. I hate passive agressive people. In Scotland if ya have an issue you just say it and if it means we fight over it, so be it lmao... It's just the culture
  18. Aragon Burner

    Another Democrat Enters the Race to Replace Biden

    I'm glad to see someone on the left has the sense to see that Biden is going to lose. It's been painfully obvious for at least a year that he's not up to the challenge.
  19. Aragon Burner

    Are government assistance takers lazy and/or corrupt?

    I don't have an issue with people being on assistance when needed. But there are far too many people actually living on assistance for life and thats just wrong. People want to work for their money and earn an honest wage for the most part but there is a section of society that just want to...
  20. Aragon Burner

    Those who believe COVID is a conspiracy.

    Yeah I refuse point blank to get those shots!! Nevr will. I'll take my chances and that's my choice!
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