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    UK firearms laws No laws will help if a gun can be purchased illegally, which i assume it was in this case. Taxi driver was fired, a police investigation will begin.
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    Welcome to debateHQ :)
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    Love the dark theme ♥️🥰💜
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    Debate HQ BS Topic

    It's nice here, hope we don't get a heatwave here in the UK!
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    Strikes They've been offered a 5% rise in addition to a one-off payment whereas they want a 35% rise as their pay in real terms has fallen by 26%.
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    Site Updated to 2.2.13

    Site runs much faster now, thanks!
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    I liked the dark theme, although I did feel the avatars were stretched which I didn't like.
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    Discrimination within the UK police
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    Tories' time is up @Shortie do you think the ads went too far?
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    Russia-Ukraine war thread

    LATEST: G7 summit in Japan live updates:
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    Israel conflict

    Oh, of course :rolleyes:
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    Is abortion murder?

    You may find this to be an interesting read: Just out of curiosity, do you think mothers should be allowed to abort babies with Down's syndrome?
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    royal family/coronation

    Yeah they're considered important enough for taxpayer money to be spent on.
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    New Person

    Welcome to DebateHQ :)
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    Do you believe aliens exist?

    They may be human predators, who knows
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    UK firearms laws

    Yeah not surprised really. Can't say it's as bad as the USA though.
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    Alec Baldwin shooting charges

    Remorse and learning from your mistakes is the best sense of justice, agreed.
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